European Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just an extra virgin oil, but an essential component of any type of diet, because it enhances the flavors of any dish with personality. A condiment that becomes an expression of the flavors and aromas of the land on which it grows and matures.

The characteristics of the production areas of European Extra Virgin Olive Oil constitute a “common heritage” and become an integral part of local society.
The cultivation of olive trees in Europe dates back to ancient times, as evidenced by numerous ancient texts, which confirms the deep and indissoluble roots with the surrounding territory and enhances the specificities that give European olive growing undeniable traits of uniqueness.

Human, historical and food heritage

Today, European Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a food created by passionate producers who have lived and worked for generations in one of the most suitable territories in the world for olive growing and which constitutes a human, historical and food heritage.

European Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born in very varied territories, which give the cultivars singular and characteristic flavors and aromas.

Regardless of the various qualities of the fruit, producers are required to constantly have chemical and organoleptic checks carried out to certify the achievement of the certain characteristics indicated in the specification.

Only through these rigorous practices is it possible to obtain a superior quality product which can fall within the technical characteristics of European quality certifications.

Collection and production methods

The collection and production methods ensure origin and quality and guarantee food safety with the adoption of a global strategy that concerns the entire food chain and involves all those involved in the production and marketing of European Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This strategy determines the possession of a multiplicity of crucial requirements for the health and well-being of people and plants.

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