Modernization and cultural development have led to the diffusion of knowledge in a global way, which on the one hand is useful and on the other may seem like the fashion of the moment, associating all this with the crisis experienced global economy, which by reducing the consumer’s spending capacity in a general way, also has repercussions on food spending: today we spend less on food, tending to purchase what is necessary, what is actually consumed, and, perhaps, we tend to purchase products of possibly certified quality. The most popular certified products are those with the BIO brand, produced according to the rules of organic farming and certified after passing the usual analyses.

Producing organically is not always easy, it depends on the crop and surrounding conditions, but producing organically is above all beneficial for both the environment and human health. Regarding the cultivation of the olive tree, which is highly widespread in Europe, this appears to be a crop predisposed to cultivation according to organic rules, in fact, the only real problem is linked to the defense of the plants, as the non-use of chemicals does not ensure the coverage for a long period, but in this the climate, the orography of the territory and the disposition of man collaborate in making this cultivation methodology feasible. 


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